Friday, November 2, 2012

My Quip – The Amulet – In Progress – Quilting Errors Unpicked – Ready To Start Again

Good Day,

Well the unpicking of the first chance run of quilting of The Amulet has been finished. Talk about a pain. And our reason for unpicking… we did not like the thread which we had chosen for the top and used it simultaneously for the back. At the time it just seemed so right, but it was so wrong. New thread for the back has been decided upon.

The Amulet, our original design, is inspired by the work of artist Richard Tsosie. We have attempted to capture the spirit of one of the pieces of his art.

The top of The Amulet has been completed. We are now fine-tuning our piecing and reviewing the work. The Amulet will approximate the size of a Double-size quilt. The dimensions are about – Width: 72” (183 cms) and Length: 94” (239 cms). The top is constructed of 120 parts of fabric which have been pieced to create mirror images.

Here are a couple more preview images. You can see the square and rectangular construction of the fabric pieces. The backing is a corresponding light blue. My camera my not do justice to the actual coloring of the fabrics.

And boy, have we learned a lesson. Going forward, we will attempt to test-quilt on a sample piece in order to determine the complimentary and conforming thread choice.

Stay tuned to our progress.



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