Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Quip – EssbeeCon Quilt Progress

Good Day,

The piecing of 100 blocks continues. Andy has been painstakingly piecing and sewing each individual block that eventually will be a part of the construction of our original quilt design, EssbeeCon.

Each block is paper-pieced from our original pattern… and the construction requires the piecing of each to be completed in fifteen parts. And we have tapped the term; segmented-piecing, sort of. Each block is pieced to only one drawn paper pattern.

There are two cuts that are sewn together from a created template prior to combining, sewing together with the block construction. In creating the block design we wanted the paper pattern to be a single unified construction. (It makes sense to us…)

Thanks to all, who have proffered thoughts and advice regarding the eventual quilting design. EssbeeCon is turning to be quite a challenge.

Stay tuned for our progress and updates.


Andy and Jim

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