Friday, November 23, 2012

My Quip – EssbeeCon Quilt Redesign Revealed

Good Day,

Thanksgiving is done. Everyone is satiated… methinks. Now the next stages of the Holiday Season begin to unfold. And somehow we need to fit in the issue of the Mayan ideas of December 21st. Be considering that the December Solstice this year, the same time and date that the Mayan calendar runs out, is 21 December 11:12 (UTC)… Also the new moon reaches its peak on my 61st. Will we see each other on the other side? Which side?

Andy and I are now ready to begin the top of our next quilt. All 100 8 ½ -inch square blocks for our new and original quilt, EssbeeCon, have been completed.

Each block is a paper-pieced construction that includes a set that has to be sewn together before it is added to the paper foundation. Not including the framing borders, EssbeeCon will approximate 80” by 80”.

Here is a sneak preview of our original EssbeeCon design. The construction of the top has begun.

This is our ninth draft of our design, and we have decided that this is what we will settle on, even after the changes that we have made for our first draft. We are still working and developing the complimentary plan of the quilting.

Keep in touch with our status and updates.


Andy and Jim

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