Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Quip – Our EssbeeCon Quilt Has Been Accepted at QuiltCon – February 21-24 – Austin, Texas

Good Day,

Andy and I just received notice that our new and original quilt EssbeeCon has been accepted to be displayed at QuiltCon this coming February 21 -24 at the Austin Convention Center, in Austin, Texas.

QuiltCon is the first international Modern Quilting Conference and Show presented by The Modern Quilt Guild. It is to be the first modern quilting event of its kind. Check out the QuiltCon press release.

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Continue to check back to Quilts SB to see what we’re working on and our current status and updates.



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Norman Petruccelli said...

Congratulations guys! I'm certain it will be gracing a magazine cover soon!!!