Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Q110 – Test 40 – Quilt

Good Day,

Our latest quilt has been completed. This is Test 40.

Is our Test 40 quilt something akin to the “cart before the horse?” Maybe… Thanks to Aurifil and Alex Veronelli for providing the impetus with Aurifil’s new thread No. 40. Andy and I accepted the challenge to test and experiment with the new thread.

No. 40 is a new Aurifil 100% Polyester Filament thread. It is a variegated thread. One of my first thoughts, after Andy had done his part using No. 40 on both our domestic and Longarm machines, was to attempt to create a quilt of the colors of the thread that would complement the variegated thread. This would be a flip to the most common of techniques of creating a quilt, which of course is to start with the fabric. We thought that we would start with the thread. It is a different approach but we feel that this type of design is meant to highlight the thread. With this focus, the thread becomes the major player not only the compliment to the final product.

The dimensions of Test 40 are: Width – 65” (165.1 cms) and Length – 80.5” (204.5 cms). It approximates a large afghan or lap size quilt. All fabric is 100% cotton of Robert Kaufmann Kona Cotton and Moda Bella Solids. The batting is our first attempt using 100% high loft wool. Our quilting, using the Aurifil No. 40 variegated thread, and our lattice work pattern has presented us with an interesting and intriguing configuration. Test 40 is a combination of polyester, cotton, and wool.

Our basic block is inspired by the construction design work Maggie Ball as presented in her book Bargello Quilts with a Twist, published in 2008. Our design is a replication of the block. We created 120 blocks and created our original configuration and design for our Test 40.

You can follow the progress of our design and construction of Test 40.

 - Aug 30/12Test 40 – OP and Bargello

 - Aug 31/12Test 40 – Progress

 - Oct 13/12 - Test 40 Quilt Top Completed

 - Dec 21/12Test 40 Quilt Progress – Bacon Cola Basted Ham

 - Jan 4/13Test 40 Quilt – The Quilting Continues

Here some additional images of our Test 40.

And our quilting continues.


Jim and Andy.


Anonymous said...

Love Test 40 from beginning to end!

Deano said...

Again you guys knocked it out of the park. What a great job. Congratulations!

Jim Smith said...

Thanks Teri. We're working on another thread quilt. Jim.

Jim Smith said...

Deano, Appreciate your comment. Thanks. Jim.