Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Quip – Blumish Two – New and Progress Update

Good Day,

As you know we finished the quilt top to Blumish, our deconstruction of Kimberly Einmo’s Mystery Amish design. (See My Quip on January 27.) And we were toyed with the idea of using the leftover scraps to create the backing.

Well as I was designing the back of Blumish I flipped through Yoshiko Jinzenji’s book Quilting Line + Color and thought that we could attempt a construction with similar attributes to her designs. Then one thing led to another, and we realized that Andy and I were actually creating another new quilt. Thus our Blumish Two.

Here are a few more of the 56 blocks that we created for Blumish Two.

Initially we began with the idea of 49 squares. Blumish Two will now be the construction of 56 six-inch squares. Each of the 56 blocks will be uniquely different. Including the borders it will approximate 54” wide and 66” long. In our design Andy is going to attempt something that is sort of like sashing but yet not really. He is also going to attach the irregular sashing in what we think is akin to straight line machine appliqué. We hope it works.

I’m toying with ideas for quilting Blumish Two. I like the idea of straight parallel lines, either horizontally or vertically across or crisscrossing at 90° angles. Stay tuned for the updates.

Thank you Kimberly and Yoshiko and to all who have provided comments, thoughts, and questions.


Jim and Andy

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