Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Quip – Blumish Two – A Peek at Our Progress

Good Day,

Blumish Two is beginning to take shape. The top, constructed of 56 original blocks, is now complete. Each block is uniquely different. The only similarities are that they all are the same size and constructed of shades of blue and brown. The fabrics are both Robert Kaufmann Kona Cotton and Moda Fabrics Bella Solids. The borders, which aren’t really borders, have been added.

And we are trying something very new, that is, new to our quilt workings. From our design for our Blumish Two, we included a number of strip-like borders which provide an offsetting highlight to the top. Andy has created each strip individually and is endeavoring to machine appliqué the strips to the top. We are not adding them to our pattern design as sashing.

And here are a couple more previews of the work on Blumish Two.  Lighting and shades are somewhat variable in each image.

I am still working on ideas for the overall quilting design… and each day I get closer to something that I hope will be a part of the art-form and complement the complete design.

Continue to follow our progress on Blumish Two. And stay tuned for our new work, Cosmos’ Moon.


Jim and Andy.

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