Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Quip – The Hummingbird – A New Piecing Technique

Good Day,

Yesterday Andy was privileged to take a class with Sharon Schamber. The class was Piec-liqué Curved Piecing. The result has introduced us to curved piecing. This is a new step in our education in the world of quilting. This is our completed top, the Hummingbird.

The dimensions of our Hummingbird are: Width – 21 ½” (54.6 cms) and Length – 28” (71.1 cms).  This is a sampler piece.  This top, including class time, was completed in approximately 13 hours.

Thanks to this new technique we have now a new tool that will open up a number of new possibilities in our new and future designs.

If you have any question and comment please feel to contact us.


Jim and Andy

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