Monday, April 1, 2013

My Quip – Cosmo's Moon – Quilting In Progress

Good Day,

Not going to reveal too much of the details about our original design for our quilt and wall hanging, Cosmo's Moon… but we thought you may like to get a few choice images of what we are doing. The progress is startling and we seem to be able to use a number of the new experiences and techniques that we have learned in the short past.

Cosmo's Moon is meant to be a large wall hanging… and it incorporates traditional strip piecing with other quilting techniques. Trust us, we do like SewBatik fabric. And we still have a lot to learn.

Stay tuned for our complete and detailed write up.

Some more images -

Quilts SB news - Our quilts: Colored Windows II, Coral Steps, and MEM911, are ready to be shipped to the International Quilt Festival of Ireland. Metropolis is complete and in line for delivery to HMQS in Utah. Cosmo's Moon is in the final stages of being quilted. And our new design, Quilted Equality is now in process. Continue to check out our status and updates at Quilts SB.


Jim and Andy

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