Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Quip – Andy and I Do Have Our Personal Quilt and Crochet Critic

Good Day,

And the new member of The Pack, Max has definitely developed the wherewithal as our personal quilt, crochet, and fabric art critic.

No matter where we are set in our shop, whether it is quilting or crocheting, Max always is there. Always with his commenting and appraising eye(s). He has to be forever checking out our work, as he is now sitting, squished between my back and my chair, as I type up my quick journal of our days work and events.

The background fabric has been chosen for our Astro-Physics. It is also batik.

The design stage of Tampa Kaleidoscope continues. I hope it rains today so that I can shut myself in the Design Room to work on the final design.

Double Entendre Afghan has increased in dimensions to Length – 36” and Width 48”. Only 24” more to complete the inner top.

Work continues on the quilting designs for both our new Equality and The Amulet quilts.

New fabric and yarn has arrived for a number of new ideas and designs. Also we have received a number of inquiries regarding the commissioning of new king-sized quilts. And the house is beginning to transform itself into a fabric sweat shop… given the increasing Tampa temperatures. Praise be there is a pool for those quick refreshing and needed breaks.

And if you are interested in acquiring any of our available quilts or commissioning us to create for you please feel free to contact us.  Stay tuned to Quilts SB for updates.


Jim and Andy

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