Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Quip - Tampa Kaleidoscope - Quilt Progress

Good Day,

Progress continues on our Tampa Kaleidoscope quilt.

The pieced half-hexagons are now being pieced into strips. The strips will be then matched up together to create the completed hexagons.

All-things-being equal, we are proposing that the eventual size of our Tampa Kaleidoscope will approximate a queen-size quilt. We are now determining the type, color, and shape of the borders, background, backing, and quilting.

Follow our status on Quilts SB.  Check out our previous and recent postings regarding the progress of Tampa Kaleidoscope.

Please feel free to contact us with comments, questions, and ideas.


Jim and Andy

1 comment:

Karol Kusmaul said...

I really like the block the has the Centro Ybor banner. It looks like an orange. Can you repeat it throughout the quilt?

Looking great. It's nice that something so cool resulted from a crazy (ugly) fabric!!!