Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Quip – Astro-Physics – The Top is Completed

Good Day,

The construction of the top of our Astro-Physics has been completed.

And of course, we’re not going to show you a complete picture at this junction in our creation of this new quilt and wall-hanging.

We are extremely pleased at what we have accomplished, based on the inspiration of Jacqueline de Jonge’s Fly Away. As compared to Jacqueline’s superb Fly Away, we have increased the number of planets and stars in our Astro-Physics from 11 to 19.

A couple more quick peeks of Astro-Physics.

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Next, the creation of the quilt and the determination of the quilting design. Stay-tuned and follow our progress.


Jim and Andy

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Becolourful quilts said...

Hi Jim and Andy,

...And then I came across your beautiful pictures of Astro-Physics. This quilt is based on my sisters design Fly Away. What a stunning quilt you've made, and according to the pictures, I'm really very curious how the top looks like! Do you have by chance any pictures of the completed top? I love to see them, and I'very sure my sister is eager to see them as well!
I've a question, I'll like to invite you to share your pictures at our FB page, we really love that!
I hope tohear from you soon, Love Bridget, FB manager BeColourful.