Monday, December 30, 2013

My Quip – BW 1950 Quilt and Wall Hanging – The Last Third Continues

Good day,

Work continues on the last third of our BW 1950.

It looks like we will finish all the piecing in a couple of days. Once all three parts of the top of our BW 1950 quilt wall hanging have been completed, I think we still might have to squint to completely recognize who our black and white portrait represents.

I am amazed at the work that Andy is doing piecing the little squares and triangles.

Thanks to those of you who suggested some ideas for a quilting pattern(s). I'm definitely considering a complementary pattern while keeping in mind a pattern for BW 2010. We're still open to suggestions.

Here's another image of our BW 1950 with a bit of change of lightning.


Jim and Andy

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