Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Quip – BW 1950 Quilt and Wall Hanging – Top Completed

Good Day,

The top of our BW 1950 has been completed.

It is our abstract construction of a black and white portrait. The quilt and wall hanging when complete will measure 24-inches square. It is composed of 0.8-inch squares and isosceles triangles which each have two sides that are 0.8 inches and a diagonal of 1.13 inch. If our BW 1950 was constructed of only squares it would be an assembly of 900 squares created from 16 different fabrics.

Here is another image.

This will be a companion piece to our, now under construction, BW 2010.

We are currently working on the design of the quilting patterns for both BW 1950 and BW 2010. The question will be what can we create that will be a composite of a golden 60.

Stay tuned for our updates and progress,


Jim and Andy

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