Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Break From Our Hope Project - Sort Of

Good Day

Andy and I have been invited to submit/create a twin-size Crane Quilt Bedspread.

Some members of Florida CraftArt has seen our Hope Project work and invited us to present a Crane Quilt Bedspread for their upcoming “At Home With Craft” exhibit.

The dates are September 7 – October 27 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Our new Cranes Quilt Bedspread will be placed on the bed in the Boudoir (Bedroom).

Yes, we only have 10 days, which started August 21, to design, create, construct, quilt, and deliver a twin-size Cranes Quilt Bedspread for the “At Home with Craft” exhibit.

The exhibit opens privately to sponsor RE/MAX METRO on September 6 and publicly on September 7.

Praise be that we just had 25 Cranes already made of which we were trying to figure out what type of Cranes Quilt we should design and make.

A duplicate set of 25 colored plus additional white Cranes have been, with Marijke van Welzen, created and exquisitely constructed in a Cranes Coat. The Cranes Coat will be on display with our Hope Project.

Day 1 – Design and layout completed. Center section of the Crane Quilt Bedspread top has been sewn.

Cranes Bedspread Quilt
Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Day 2 - As this is a bedspread quilt the size is approximately 94" wide by 106" long, it includes the over-the-side-of-the-bed drop.

The quilt sandwich has been prepared.

We have drafted our quilting design.

Using our Janome 6600, the first part of our quilting design is to outline all 25 colored 6-inch Cranes. The Cranes were created using Kimberly Einmo’s fabric Solid…ish.

Yes, each Crane block is composed of 17 pieces of fabric. The pieces were cut with Andy’s and Jim’s designed AccuQuilt cutter die.

Day 3 – The 1st part of our quilting, outlining the 25 Cranes has been completed.

Part 2 was to stitch in the ditch in the very long sashing strips. This will help to stabilize the 3 parts of the quilt sandwich.

Next, Part 3 is to pebble the entire length, approximately 106”, of each of the six sashing strips. (Alliteration not intended.)

Day 4 – All strips have been pebbled, that’s Part 3 of our quilting design.

We now have moved on to Part 4, the quilting of the 5 6-inch spaces between the pebbled strips. We are creating a geometric motif as a part of our quilting design. The approximate area is 3,180 square inches.

Part 5 covers an additional 5,512 square inches.

And yes, there is a continuous hum of our Janome.

Day 5 – Two of the 6” spaces/strips between the pebbled strips have been quilted. This has turned out of to be an arduous task while also a labor of love. The number of starts and stops, especially around each Crane is time consuming.

An approximate time frame to complete the two spaces/strips has been about 14 hours. Yes, we are using our Janome 6600 domestic machine.

Three more spaces/strips to complete. This is our target to complete the top of the Crane Quilt Bedspread.

Keep following our status as we begin Day 6.

Thanks for your support.

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Jim and Andy

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