Saturday, September 1, 2018

Cranes In The Sky - 5 More Days

Good day,

As promised, here is the 2nd-half, 5 more days that Andy and I spent working, completing, and delivering our newest Cranes in the Sky quilt bedspread.

The 1st 5 days are summarized at our posting "A Break From Our Project - Sort Of".

Day 6 – Halleluiah, Part 4 has been completed. The top design is amazing.

We now move on to Part 5. Part 5 covers an area of 5,512 square inches and includes a 26” drop on the sides of the Twin-Size Cranes Quilt Bedspread.

Our design will include approximately 212 parallel lines.

Day 7 – Parallel lines, 1-inch apart, approximately 26” each, equals 212 lines of stitching.

We now realize the size of our Cranes Bedspread Quilt. The clean geometric design of 25 Cranes on the white Kona fabric is amazing.

Target for Day 8 is to complete and clean up all quilting. All-things-being-equal we should be able to attach the binding.

Day 8 – Guess what?

The quilting of our latest, the Cranes Quilt Bedspread has been completed.

Next steps, the binding, the creation of a label, and the once-over with a magnifying glass.

Andy and I have decided on the name of our new quilt bedspread, “Cranes in the Sky”.

Day 9 – You know the thrill you have when you can see the tape at the finish line? Well that’s how Andy and I are feeling right now.

All the quilting for our new Cranes in the Sky has been completed. The binding has been attached and hand sewn.

Next step is the label. and then the delivery.

Day 10 – Label completed and Attached.

Cranes in the Sky to be delivered today.

When Andy and I give our word, we really try to deliver.

Cranes in the Sky delivered on August 31, 2018.

Praise be that our Quilt fits the showcase bed. And overview of the plans for the Exhibition display is astounding.

Cranes in the Sky will be showcased at the Florida CraftArt “At Home with Craft” Exhibition, September 7 through October 27 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Thanks for your support.

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