Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Q107 – EssbeeCon – Quilt

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Our original design and 108th quilt is now completed; EssbeeCon. Our quilt title is a derivative of our surnames “Ess” – “S” and “Bee” – “B”; Smith and Brunhammer. It is an original of our joint effort, Quilts SB. “Con” stands for “Construction”. EssbeeCon; a Smith and Brunhammer construction.

The dimensions of EssbeeCon are: Width – 85” (216 cms); Length – 85” (216 cms); and Perimeter – 340” (864 cms).

Each block is paper-pieced from our original pattern design. The construction of EssbeeCon requires the piecing of each of the 100 blocks to be completed in fifteen parts. We used paper to create our foundation piecing. In this manner we were able to reproduce our block pattern and repeat exact copies. All pieces have been cut from the 11 Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton solid fabrics. Each individual block took approximately one hour to construct.

The top of EssbeeCon was bordered by three shades of grey fabric, also Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton. Also the backing is another shade of grey.

In order to maintain a complementary quilting to the overall design of EssbeeCon, we decided to quilt an arranged pattern of parallel lines using our Babylock Jewel longarm sewing machine. All blocks and the quilting pattern in the borders were sewn on our Janome Memory Craft 6300 domestic machine.

And here are some more images of our EssbeeCon.

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Jim and Andy

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