Saturday, December 15, 2012

Q108 – Hexi-Abuelita – Quilt

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A little girl will be cuddling up with her Great-Grandmother’s memories this Christmas morning, her new quilt Hexi-Abuelita.

Hexi-Abuelita is our commissioned design of a mosaic of half-to-whole hexagons cut and created from a great-grandmother’s shirts and skirts. The hexagon quilt has been in existence for many a year. An early recounting of a Hexagon Patchwork that I have found in my research dates to circa 1820-1840. There are various numbers of approaches to the creation of a Hexagon Quilt and Hexi-Abuelita is ours.

Our design is what we believe to be a combination of both traditional and modern quilting. We also approached the pattern of the hexagons by creating a structured but random strip piecing of half-hexagons. The quilting is edge-to-edge parallel lines in a patterned sequence.

The dimensions of Hexi-Abuelita are: Width – 59 ½” (151.1 cms); Length – 79” (200.7 cms). The backing and binding are a pink Michael Miller cotton fabric.

And more images of Hexi-Abuelita

To read and experience our journey of designing, creating, and constructing our original Hexi-Abuelita check out the following Quilts SB links. Hexi-Abuelita is a construction and design of the same vein as our quilt construction Blue Memories.

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Stay tuned for the completion of Grandma Remembers. And we have started another new project, Cosmos' Moon.

If you are interested in commissioning and contracting Andy and I to create your quilt or your wall-hanging, please feel free to contact us.


Jim and Andy

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